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Meeting with a group might feel a little scary, but there are significant benefits that individual therapy can't provide. Groups act as a support network, as a sounding board, and offer accountability partners who really, really get it.  Sharing in a group with like-minded peers helps to normalize that sense of  "does anybody really understand?" that occurs when you feel like you are the only one struggling with a particular problem. Groups work. Call Donna to find out more!  

Contact Donna to learn more about the various groups offered. Groups run throughout the year on a rotating basis. If a particular group that you are interested in is full, you can be added to a wait list for the next available opening. 

Please note: some groups are secular in nature (meaning they are not specifically oriented to reflect a religious worldview although spiritual aspects may arise organically). Other groups are designated "Christian." 

In addition, some groups meet in person and others meet online.


Group module lengths vary from 6-12 weeks. Some groups require previous experience with Internal Family Systems (IFS). 

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